June 7 – Dubious Disciples

I am never quite certain which color stole to wear on Trinity Sunday. Each of the various colors relates more to one person of the Trinity. And why should we even care about the concept of one God in three persons. On Pentecost Sunday, when we celebrate the Holy Spirit, I wear red to remind… Continue reading June 7 – Dubious Disciples

April 12 – He Is Not Here!

He is not here

Church is the worst place for Christian disciples to be on Easter. Coming together demonstrates that we have not heeded the message. And not merely the message from the Center for Disease Control about gathering in large groups. Apparently we needed a global pandemic to chase Christians out of the church so that we might… Continue reading April 12 – He Is Not Here!

Mar. 1 – What Happened in Eden?

Because we exist, we know that Adam and Eve did not die immediately after eating the fruit from the tree of knowing of Good and Evil, as the LORD God had warned them. And the LORD God commanded the human, “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of… Continue reading Mar. 1 – What Happened in Eden?

Feb. 23 – Seeing God

A restful lake beside mountains.

Have you hiked up a mountain, or at least a tall hill? Then enjoyed the view and the experience so much that you wanted to stay? A mountain lake high in the Grand Tetons A mountain top experience is meant to be enjoyed and absorbed, for one cannot live atop a mountain. Sooner or later… Continue reading Feb. 23 – Seeing God

Dec 29 – Get the X Out of Xmas

Ancient Greeks liked to abbreviate as much as we do. For example the fish logo follows from an early acronym that in Greek spells the word for fish. Those five Greek letters, ΙΧθΥΣ, reminded believers of a brief statement of faith with those letters coming from the first letters of Greek words for: "Jesus Christ,… Continue reading Dec 29 – Get the X Out of Xmas

Another Way

alternate ways

What led you to become a disciple of Christ Jesus? While our Christmas pageant tells of three kings, the Gospel of Matthew calls them Magi, typically translated as wise men, but more appropriately wiseguys, for they were horoscope fanatics willing to travel for months if not years to find a sign that they could use… Continue reading Another Way

Thank You!

I once enjoyed mowing the church lawn for two reasons: (1) for a whole hour no one would bother me, and (2) at the end of that hour I could look back at the neatly trimmed lawn and think: "I did that." Of course if I though for a moment or two about cutting the… Continue reading Thank You!

Risky Business

For it is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. — Matthew 25:14-15 (NRSV) The Greek word from which the English word 'talent' derives… Continue reading Risky Business


How much is enough? I have gone spelunking, exploring a cave where few people have gone before, where there are no paths, no handrails, and no lights. On such explorations our guide expected each participant to carry not merely their own flashlight, but also a backup. One flashlight should be sufficient, especially if it has… Continue reading Preparations

Loving God

How do you love God? Words are nice, but actions speak much louder. When our children were little we would hang what ever art work they brought home from school in a place of honor. The front of the refrigerator always held the most recent treasure they brought home and select others would find other… Continue reading Loving God