Mar. 29 – Cabin Fever

Snow bound cabin in the woods

Are you starting to feel that this virus has you under house arrest? Are you working from home? Have all of your usual groups and meetings have been canceled or become virtual meetings? Even when out walking people avoid you, well everyone? Thank you for helping to limit the spread of this pandemic! This week… Continue reading Mar. 29 – Cabin Fever

Mar. 15 – Building Character


Worship on-line only starting this week due to COVID-19. Many people view suffering as a path to developing compassion, empathy, and character. Preparing for Worship Hymn “Do Not Turn Away the Children” Click the hymn title for the words. On that page you may click "MIDI" to hear music to sing along with. … we… Continue reading Mar. 15 – Building Character

Passing the Peas of Christ

My worship notes for our weekly ritual of passing the Peace of Christ with one another reminds me and our liturgist to allow 30 seconds for people to greet one another. It probably should say allow a couple of minutes. We observe this ritual immediately following our confession of sin before God and one another.… Continue reading Passing the Peas of Christ

Love Your Neighbor

Hurricane Irma has encouraged us to worship differently this Sunday. Instead of gathering in one place, please use technology (phone or Skype) to connect with a friend. Call to Worship Based on Psalm 148 Praise the LORD. Sing to the LORD a new song in the assembly of the saints. Let Israel rejoice in their… Continue reading Love Your Neighbor

Burning Coals

The executive officer on my ship would begin his daily meeting with us junior officers by grilling one of us. We never knew who would be on the hot seat or what minor infraction he had perceived. He seemed to be calling out smoke to see what fire he could ignite. About that time I… Continue reading Burning Coals

Love Your Neighbor

Serendipitously our Mission and Evangelism Committee independently chose to present options for volunteering with local mission agencies on the exact same Sunday when our reading of Romans 12:1-8 would ask us how we might present our bodies as a living sacrifice, using our various gifts so that together we might be the body of Christ… Continue reading Love Your Neighbor

Unopened Gift

I like many Americans was brought up with the ideal that you get what you deserve and you deserve what you get. So you had better work hard and do the right thing. Or else! But what about the Jews? Scripture tells us that Jesus came first to them and they rejected him, even crucified… Continue reading Unopened Gift


I am amazed by the dedication of actors, actresses, directors, stage crew, and musicians who participate in community theater productions. They must learn their parts, faithfully attend practices, and reliably show up for performances for the entire company depends on each volunteer. Yes, volunteer! Most community theater productions are fully staffed by people who love… Continue reading Shameless


Only those struggling need reminders of God’s love. No one has ever made an appointment to visit me because life has treated them awesomely, to talk over a promotion or boast of new grandchild. No they call for an appointment when they have no where else to turn. They call me to visit them when… Continue reading Invincible!