April 28 – Holy Humor Sunday

Do you know about the best prank ever?Just when the Devil thought that Jesus had been inescapably trapped, Resurrection happened. This Sunday you will sing new words to familiar tunes that will fill your heart with joy. Many pastors challenge themselves to find one relevant joke for each sermon. This Sunday my goal is to… Continue reading April 28 – Holy Humor Sunday

April 21 – Who did you see?

The joy of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is easy to understand. Songs wish that every day could be Christmas. The grief of Good Friday, is also relatable. But the joy of Easter? Resurrection is not an everyday event. Or is it? Each Gospel as a slightly different ending for the first Easter Sunday morning… Continue reading April 21 – Who did you see?

April 19 – Prayers for Good Friday

Stone crucifix among trees

On Good Friday, the day Christians remember Jesus having been betrayed, arrested, quickly tried and convicted, then crucified and buried, our sanctuary will be open from noon until 3 p.m. for anyone interested in quiet meditation and prayers. Should you be unable to come here on Friday, April 19th during these hours, we offer the… Continue reading April 19 – Prayers for Good Friday

April 7 – Worship Brings Change

Has God abandoned the Church? Over the past fifty years the percentage of people in the United States who identify as Christian has steadily fallen from a high of 94% in 1950 to a mere 67% in 2018. While more than 100 churches a week close, new church starts tend to keep the total number… Continue reading April 7 – Worship Brings Change

March 31 – Choosing to Worship

person at a decision point

Why do you choose to worship God? Increasingly worship is an option that even the faithful exercise from time to time. At the time of the American Revolution, a town might have more than one place of worship, but social pressures and tax law ensured that you would participate regularly in one of those congregations.… Continue reading March 31 – Choosing to Worship

Testing and Endurance

3-D figure hold a syringe

"Since we are faithful, why do we suffer?" Is perhaps the oldest religious question. A question that many ask even this day. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians is likely a response to a long list of questions and complaints from disciples in a congregation that Paul had started some years earlier. While we do… Continue reading Testing and Endurance

A Divine Covenant

Person contemplating the Milkyway. Image by skeeze on Pixabay

Have you ever "cut a deal" with someone? Why do we say "cut"? Although some agreements involve splitting hairs or splitting the difference, "cutting a deal" has a much older and much more dramatic origin akin to splitting hares. When God cut a covenant with Abram God had asked Abram to cut a heifer and… Continue reading A Divine Covenant

Worship as Giving Thanks

How is the place where you live promised land? While the Promised Land refers to a particular place, God's promise of a land to live in also applies to the place where you live. Ancient Israel had wandered in the dessert for nearly 40 years after leaving Egypt where they had been harshly treated. As… Continue reading Worship as Giving Thanks

Transformed for Boldness

Monarch Butterfly freshly emerged from its cocoon

Where is God in all this? If the glory of the Lord reflects in the ministry of God's people and in the world around us, some days I have problems seeing it. And you? The people in the Old Testament believed that if they saw the face of God, they would surely die. Thus when… Continue reading Transformed for Boldness

April 14 – Palms and Passion

Only a few days separated when the crowds cheered and sang loudly and joyously as Jesus rode into Jerusalem until the religious and civic leaders had him hung on a cross to die. Our Palm/Passion Sunday compresses that emotional roller coaster into a few minutes through a parade and impressive music. Come and join the… Continue reading April 14 – Palms and Passion