Aug. 18 – Heroes of Faith

What kind of people do you expect to find described in the Bible? Hebrews 11:31-32 lists eight people by name as exemplars of faith. And all of them are deeply flawed. Their persistence in running the race that God set before them sets them apart. If these people can be considered “heroes of the faith”,… Continue reading Aug. 18 – Heroes of Faith

Aug. 25 – Worship Outside the Box

Worship elements coming out of a box

You will be glad you came to Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church on Sunday, August 25th. You will also want to bring a friend with you. We will offer 16 diverse worship options for you to choose to experience, all squeezed between a delicious Breakfast and a scrumptious Ice Cream Social. Wear comfortable clothes so you… Continue reading Aug. 25 – Worship Outside the Box

Aug. 11 – Expected Treasures

"Just in the nick of time someone would give us something we needed." I have heard stories of families struggling to make ends meet for diverse reasons at every congregation that I have served. They often told of praying for food, clothing, car repairs, … and just when they thought all was lost they received… Continue reading Aug. 11 – Expected Treasures

Aug. 4 – Focus on Heaven

Do not look at the elephant! A scientist asked people to carefully watch basketball players pass a ball from one person to the next and count the number of times that players in white uniforms touched the ball. During the short video a man wearing a gorilla suit walks through the scene. Later, when asked… Continue reading Aug. 4 – Focus on Heaven

July 28 – Real Prayer

What if we used the Lord's Prayer as a pattern instead of a formula? How might our prayers better reflect our present day circumstances? With a formula one need only pour in the ingredients and stir. On the other hand a pattern allows for adaptations. I recall watching my mother make a dress using a… Continue reading July 28 – Real Prayer

July 7 – Audacious Words


This week the United States of America celebrates the audacity of a few people to dare to bring forth on this continent a new nation "deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed ... to effect their safety and happiness." (Declaration of Independence, July 1776) The Old Testament lesson for this Sunday begins… Continue reading July 7 – Audacious Words

June 30 – Thunder and Silence

How does God speak to us? At Mount Horeb Elijah did not hear God in a storm, nor in an earthquake, nor in a fire, but in the sound of sheer silence. When Elijah needed food and drink in the desert, did God use the messenger sent by Jezebel to kill Elijah? He could have… Continue reading June 30 – Thunder and Silence

June 23 – God Answers

Elijah's battle with the prophets of Baal would make for great television scene. One despised troublemaker against 450 popular preachers. This ancient battle was over who gets to determine the truth. Alas, even divine fireworks were not enough to finally end this argument. Today we call this battle Church and State. I will have more… Continue reading June 23 – God Answers

May 26 – Leaves for Healing

"Could conflict transformation skills be used to heal the growing political rift in this nation?" an Elder asked when I had offered to teach such a class designed for church conflict. A recent University of Michigan study of the US House of Representatives and Senate shows that political polarization has become worse over the past… Continue reading May 26 – Leaves for Healing

May 19 – Living in the New Jerusalem

Imagine if for the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost that Christians would live each day as if they already live in the New Jerusalem that John writes about in the closing chapters of Revelation. Of course Christians are called to live everyday showing their allegiance to the Lord. But if during Lent we strive… Continue reading May 19 – Living in the New Jerusalem