May 26 – Leaves for Healing

"Could conflict transformation skills be used to heal the growing political rift in this nation?" an Elder asked when I had offered to teach such a class designed for church conflict. A recent University of Michigan study of the US House of Representatives and Senate shows that political polarization has become worse over the past… Continue reading May 26 – Leaves for Healing

May 19 – Living in the New Jerusalem

Imagine if for the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost that Christians would live each day as if they already live in the New Jerusalem that John writes about in the closing chapters of Revelation. Of course Christians are called to live everyday showing their allegiance to the Lord. But if during Lent we strive… Continue reading May 19 – Living in the New Jerusalem

May 12 – Resurrected Life

sculture of hand holding a child.

This Sunday we honor those servants of God whom we call mothers, those who have and those who continue to nurture us in the presence of the winds of life. Mother's Day has a complicated history, perhaps contributing to confusion of where that apostrophe belongs. Although maternal sacrifices have been a central honor of this… Continue reading May 12 – Resurrected Life

May 5 – You? Here?

Have you heard a story about who gets into heaven? The amusing ones frequently play on the idea of seeing an unexpected person in heaven. The people who first read the Revelation of John were being persecuted by those in power. Those early Christians, mostly recently converted Jews, may have been longing for the Lion… Continue reading May 5 – You? Here?

Ashpenaz has Pizzaz

"I fast every Tuesday," a colleague told me when I had asked him about going to lunch. But when Daniel's request to not eat food that the king had chosen for him and his colleagues had life threatening consequences for Ashpenaz. For my colleague, fasting was a spiritual discipline and a means of connecting with… Continue reading Ashpenaz has Pizzaz

Worship as Healing

Do you want to know who your real friends are? Not merely the list of names of people who read and like similar posts on social media, but friends you can count on? Get sick or go to jail. From the earliest days, long before microscopes which could view germs had been invented, people knew… Continue reading Worship as Healing

Encouraging One Another

Baptism font reflecting stained glass window

You do not need to come to church this Sunday, or for that matter, any Sunday, as a condition for your own salvation. Leviticus prescribes numerous sacrifices for various occasions to demonstrate sincerity of heart. Keeping these sacrifices would keep a set of priests busy and standing full time. But we have the perfect sacrifice in… Continue reading Encouraging One Another

One in Worship

Where have you worshiped? In my various roles in the church I have visited a wide variety of congregations. Visiting a very large congregation and sitting a pew towards the back of the sanctuary, worship felt as if it happened on the stage for the congregation to watch. The entire service was well polished and professional.… Continue reading One in Worship

Christmas Gifts

My family always went to church on Christmas Day. Like many families we would wake early, tumble down the stairs and tear open the gifts under our tree. My mother would slip in and out preparing a special Christmas breakfast for us to enjoy. But then we would rush to dress and dash to church… Continue reading Christmas Gifts

No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

5:30 pm, Thursday, December 24th, Christmas Eve Come and participate in our no-audition, no-rehearsal Christmas pageant. Arrive by 5 pm, if you want a particular part. This worship service provides parents with a low stress opportunity for their entire family to celebrate Christ coming into our lives this Christmas.