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Worship Service:  10.00 a.m.
Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.

Join Us ...
Our Church is Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary
The List of Events for this Celebration Includes the Following:
Sunday,    Nov 13th:    
Kickoff Luncheon/After Service Refreshments
Friday,    Nov 18th:
An Evening of Elegance
Sunday,    Nov 20th
Sunday Anniversary Worship
The Program Director is Frances Alexander, Chair People of the Sub-Committees are:
Youth Activities ... Dana Keenan
Evening Banquet ... Jennifer Rendahl
Public Relations ... Louise Clarke
Kickoff Luncheon ... Scott and Brenda Breeden
Gospel Festival ... Dan Petrie
Sunday Worship ... Bonnie Givens
Finance ... George Fee
Each committee is planning great ideas to celebrate the 50 years our church has been organized. We need your ideas too. Let the committee chair people of each group hear from you and join them in making "Great Things Happen".
Cookbooks are Planned. …, History Scrapbooks …, Hand Fans to Keep As a Memory…
To help defray some of the expenses, our Session members have donated $1.00 for each of our 50 years, and we ask that others contribute with this as a guideline. Any excess will be applied to the various missions supported by the church.
We pray that this event will bring us closer together in our thinking, conviviality and our efforts at living a Christian life everyday. We ask that the Lord continue to bless us as we work, in His name, to make each day a better day than yesterday.

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