Visioning Luncheon

If someone were to ask: “What makes Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church special?” how would we respond?

After worship on Sunday, September 25th we shared our favorite appetizers and salads, our favorite entrees and vegetables, and our favorite desserts. During each course we held one part of a three stage conversation about our strengths, where those strengths might lead us, a slogan or motto that succinctly describes what makes us special. Between courses we viewed the work of other tables and then sat with different people for the next stage of the conversation.

In addition to the wonderful food, we especially enjoyed talking with a variety of people about our congregation.

Members and other regular participants may log in and comment on our results, including adding strengths that were neglected.

Stage 1. What we do well.

Each table was provided several 3” by 24” strips of paper to write examples of what we do well during our salad and appetizer course. When completed we taped them to the walls under categories summarized from the Six Great Ends of the Church.

We posted the following strengths.

Evangelism: Proclaim the gospel to save

  • We have a great outreach via BBQs.
  • Recognize need for social justice
  • Very warm inviting church
  • Great Outreach. Community Bar-B-Q mission.
  • Great Bible Study.
  • Mission – taking care of God’s people.
  • Evangelism – field work to other areas – Habitat for Humanity – Ruth Circle

Ministry: Fellowship of God’s children.

  • God’s love and kindness
  • Great fellowship opportunities!
  • Active ministry stewardship
  • We are welcoming to visitors
  • Helpers of each other. Esp men
  • Ministry to others through missions.
  • Sharing with community
  • Great members support system.

Maintain divine worship

  • Our choir helps us worship.
  • Talented, inspiring choir & music
  • Creatively follow the Presbyterian liturgy
  • Beautiful sanctuary
  • Screens help accessibility

Educate to preserve the truth

  • Very insightful Bible and book study series.
  • Providing christian services for children
  • Our weekday school educates our community children.

Justice: Promote social righteousness

  • Embrace diversity

Mission: Exhibit God’s kingdom to the world.

  • Mission: Exhibit God’s kingdom to the world
  • Great mission services.
  • Mission work – Weekday school

Stage 2. Where we are headed.

Looking at all of the strengths we listed, we sought to discern how this congregation might be in five years while eating our entrees. Each table wrote one of the following set of sentences on a sheet of newsprint.

  • In 5 years: younger families, larger congregation, remodeled kitchen
  • Have assistant pastor(s); Increased membership; Include more families with children and teenagers; Larger choir; Expanded mission programs; Expanded evangelism.
  • In five years, we will expand our church modestly, but solidly. We will build on current strengths in mission and fellowship and expand evangelism efforts.
  • We are hopeful of becoming a more vibrant church with our church growing in members and community involvement.
  • Engage our community. Be willing to profess our faith in service. Keeping up the good. Supplement our ministries to families and to the areas where we are thin.
  • In the next five years: we hope to increase the youth programs & stimulate younger families to participate in TTPC. Would love to see full choirs and music programs. Integrate pre-school families into church life at TTPC. Senior citizen activities.

  • In 5 years we: Will be a younger congregation with more children and parents. Will counsel those needing aid and wanting to learn food preparation.

Stage 3. Our slogans

After sitting down with our desserts in new groupings of people, each table sought to write 4 to 8 words that summarize who we strive to be. When these were posted on the wall, each participant was given 4 stickers to show their preference among the slogans we wrote. Participants could split their stickers among as many statements as they chose, including giving all to one statement.

Stars following each slogan indicate our preferences.

  • Popular, friendly, out reach to adults, teenagers, young children, study together, Bible-based, teach Christ’s love to all. ********* 9
  • Friendly, vibrant, church with community involvement. ******************* 19
  • Radiate Christ’s love ************************* 24
  • We are a loving, accepting, caring family. ********* 9
  • Sharing the love of God with everyone. ****************************** 30
  • Loving, caring, welcoming, serving, worshiping **** 4
  • Come join us for worship, fellowship, education **** 4