Each and every day, and increasingly in our connected world, we leave clues that other people read and assemble into a portrait, depicting what we deem worthy of our time.

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Seeking Infinity

How can we be  in God and God in us?

Can a three-dimensional object have only one edge and one side?

Try this at home.

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Building a Lasting House

Have you ever considered all of the expense that goes into building and maintaining a sanctuary, that part of a church building where we gather to worship on Sunday morning?

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May's Newsletter, The Skirl

2017-05 MAY The Skirl

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In this month’s issue:

Spirituality: Seeking to experience God, rather than merely learn about God.
May’s book club selection

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Vacation Bible School - June 2017

Join Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church learning about Paul and the underground church in Rome, each morning from June 5 through June 9.

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Joyful Worship

8:15 am & 10 am


420 Bullard Parkway
Temple Terrace, Florida

Sharing the love of God, the peace of Christ,
and the power of the Holy Spirit with everyone.

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church, a community of Christ-centered believers, welcomes all people to worship with us. Working together in harmony we spread God’s message of love, joy and peace to each other, our community, and the world.

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