Daily Devotions

Looking for readings to start or end your day? Try D365 or the Daily Lectionary.

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Wear-It and Share-It and Community BBQ

Somewhere near you a child needs the clothing your child has out grown.
Somewhere near you a family needs a meal when the month lasts longer than their income.

Help us help our neighbors …

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A Gift to Take

If I put a carefully wrapped gift on your front step and you carefully step over it or perhaps nudge it aside, or worse put it in the trash, is it still a gift?

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Open Doors

Paul does not say exactly how the Spirit of Jesus had kept him from entering Bithynia before giving him a vision to go to Macedonia or how they the Spirit had prompted him to choose the city of Philippi.

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Turn Around

Occasionally on arriving at a crowded restaurant with dozens of people waiting for a table I wonder if I could convince strangers to share a table with us, so the hostess could sit us four to a table instead of two at two different tables.

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Get Up

Is it possible that God does similar things with us? Taking our brokenness, our weaknesses, our failures, and making them new possibilities, new objects for ministry.

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Gone Fishing

When the unusual happens, when the familiar pattern of life had suddenly vanishes, we suffer a disorienting loss of the purpose.

Sermon notes on John 21:1-19 for Sunday, April 10th, 2016 at Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church.

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Life After Easter

The hardest part about learning to swim is learning how to breathe.

Surviving a difficult week requires similar skills of knowing how to breathe in the Holy Spirit.

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Joyful Worship

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Sharing the love of God, the peace of Christ,
and the power of the Holy Spirit with everyone.

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church, a community of Christ-centered believers, welcomes all people to worship with us. Working together in harmony we spread God’s message of love, joy and peace to each other, our community, and the world.

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